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Originally Posted by bobbysocks View Post
caught that did you, Pope? i am not that up on that kind of stuff to catch it but that was the topic of discussion where i got the vid from...and why i put "altho as hollywood can only do..more dramatic than believeable." wreck something like that after all the time to build it would make me sick. they guy would have had to put a chute on it like they have for ultralight AC. something malfunctions and you kill the engines and deploy the chute....if he didnt he's crazy.
Haha its kinda a habit i have. First thing I do when seeing historic recreations is look for mistakes. Its understandable when using real rare planes, films like "Battle of britain" with its late model spits and spanish Buchons as the 109s and "Top Gun" with its fake Mig F-5s. My guess is that the cgi models are stock from a previous film, maybe pearl harbor? that would explain it.

edit: curious, I had a look at Pearl Habour's cgi 109s. Theyre not the same. Pearl Harbor has Me109F's

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