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Originally Posted by sp3000 View Post
It always seems like whenever something amazing and unique comes along, 90 percent of people miss the point completely. I've seen complaints of the performance, the gameplay, how the game is slow. They're all valid. Yet, they are absolutely insignificant compared to what this game was made for. It's atmosphere and it's story.

I'll say again, several essays could be written on the symbolism and meaning in this game. Cryostasis demands your attention and your thought. Buying this game for this physx, graphics, or even gameplay is like buying a copy of Hamlet for the quality of the book cover.

Nothing in this game is random or placed in simply for cheap scary moments. Everything from the hooded figure, to minor details like the chess at the end, have meaning to them.

I think it reflects on the general immaturity of the gaming public that this game was criticized. Cryostasis is not a game with a story. It's a literary masterpiece that takes the form of a game.
Undoubtedly. I loved the horror aspects and especially the storytelling method in this game. How things could be different if other other choices had been made - cause and effect.

But gameplay and programming do matter. Good graphics and physx all add to the immersiveness of the story. They make things look real, explosions and crumbling ice etc all add to the effect. But when the programming is so bad that the game stutters and lags massively in certain places immediately drags you out of that universe and you are reminded that you are playing an unfinished game.

The game's excellent story and atmosphere deserved much more from the programmers. Shame on 1C for not optimizing it
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