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Originally Posted by SuzukiSamurai View Post
Already sent you in PM.
the subject title says it all.
as so i don't get banned so i can keep talking to you guys,i'll put it a lil more nicely..
i agree with what he said i am getting to the point of where i am over this game and losing all thought of ever getting it.He is also right in saying they definitely losing potential customers by blatantly ignoring what the fans advise and recommend. Their lack of forum activity has indeed been noticed and talked about by new individuals and ones who have been around for a bit.
which is why i don't even come to this website to look for new information about the game and pretty much just come here to talk to the rest of the guys who still come onto the forums.
i would say 95% of all the topics and threads are about OTHER things then the game itself and these forums are supposed to be for the game...that says something.
i would also say 98% of all post are by users(potential customers) and 2% is from game developers which is REALLY saying something...
All in all i agree with him but i wont go to the extreme way of saying it like he did.
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