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Originally Posted by dimlee View Post
Thanks for heads up, I just tried this beta (alpha?).
Except reflections on the water and on the cockpit glass (the latter is too shaky, imho) and shadows... the rest looks as from pre Il2 era.
Probably too early to discuss FM, but I've got the feeling that they "swapped" models of P-40 and Zero.
One good thing: it runs with 30+ FPS on my meager GT640.
Was this "beta-alpha" downgraded intentionally?

A friend of mine just replaced his smartphone with Punkt MP01. "To detox", as he said. I'll recommend this game to him.
Originally Posted by Storebror View Post
Anyone tried and downloaded the currently available (Beta?) Version yet?

Haven't seen anything as outdated for quite a while.
The whole thing looks so much like a game from the early 1990s, it's really beyond imagination.

If that was a "state of the art" game with "high fidelity flight models", then 1946 is probably a game from the future, 20 years ahead of time at least.


Originally Posted by Storebror View Post
Nice phone, thanks for the link.
I'd consider to get me one, if it wasn't limited to 2G.
Problem is that 2G has already been switched off in parts of the world, and here in Europe they're starting to phase out 2G right this year and it will be gone until 2025.
Therefore, Funk's slogan "The MP01 is something that you buy and you keep" needs to be extended by ..." on the shelf just to remember the good old days".


That's why there's an MP02 I suppose.

As for the "new sim", the few comments here reminds me where CloD went after it was slaughtered on this very forum.
Deservedly or not.
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