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Default Cylinder Head & Oil cooling separate controls

How difficult would it be to separate the operation of the Cowl Flaps from the Oil Cooler Flaps instead of combining the operation of them under "Cowl or Armour Flaps".

Most times it is the oil that overheats with the cylinder head temperature or coolant temperature still below the high limit. Cowl flaps did not always require opening when it was handled by leaving the oil cooler flaps open.

Planes like the Corsair and Hellcat had speed restrictions for opening the cowl flaps, but did not have restrictions for opening the oil cooler flaps.

All Corsairs controlled the below cooling flaps separately:
Cowl Flaps
Oil Cooler Flaps
Inter cooler Flaps

The F6F-3 controlled the cooling flaps separetly:
Cowl Flaps
Oil Cooler Flaps and Inter cooler Flaps controls combined

The F6F-5 controlled the cooler Flaps sparately:
Cowl Flaps
Oil Cooler Flaps
Inter Cooler Flaps

Just my thoughts.

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