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Originally Posted by Jumoschwanz View Post
The Ace AI seems to be better, which is good since there is no online community left where one can find hard-settings flying against decent human pilots. A good human pilot will still always beat the AI, but it is a great training tool that could bring a novice up to snuff if the mess with it long enough.
Speaking of hard settings and if you are keeping 4.13.4 copy...

I'd recommend Orel War server ( Not the "hardest" settings, own ext view is on and speed bar is on. But there is good adult crowd (jerks don't stay there) and in some days you can meet up to 10-12 players. AI (except fighters) on almost every map.

Another interesting one is This is reincarnation of Own view is on just on the field, speed bar is on. It seems to be in testing mode still but players start to appear, 3-4 at once sometimes.
I really sweated yesterday in my B52N, trying to sneak to the target protected by as many as 4 fighters (human and AI) and taxiing on the field under attack of enemy ground and air force. Good fun.

Others with more or less "hard" settings:
- (registration is required, as I remember). The most populated one in my list. Good maps with hard to find ground targets. Good vision (mine is not) is a must to survive.
- Samara server. Quite a mess in terms of briefings and plane sets (P-38 over Gulf of Finland, B-17 with Italian insignia over Pacific...) and usually empty, I didn't see there more than 2 players. Many AIs of all types, fighters including. Many ships on almost every map, good for torpedo or dive bombing practice - if you can escape AI fighters.

All above is 4.13.4. Didn't manage to try 4.14.1 servers yet. But is there already. I remember it from earlier version. Hard settings, ground targets stationary and moving, maps day and night (GMT+3 hrs, I guess). Not many players, alas, no AI.
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