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I don't know what the people are coding into IL2, but I am an expert on the internal combustion engine in real life and the main thing to remember is that wear and stress with an internal combustion engine or ANY mechanical device goes up exponentially with speed.

This means that running at 2000rpm instead of 1000rpm is not going to double the wear, stress and heat from friction, it will at least quadruple it.

Some kinds of damage will stop an engine much more quickly than others, for instance running without oil could stop an engine in seconds, while running it with no coolant might let it run for minutes.

Running with broken parts will could increase engine vibration which could literally shake the engine to pieces along with the aircraft, or tear the engine right off the aircraft.

The severity of oil and coolant leaks will also play into how long the engine will run before it stops.

But in every case the more throttle and boost and rpm used with a damaged engine, it will exponentially shorten how long before it stops running.
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