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I agree 100%. If this had not been marketed as a sim, I would not have bought it and would not be so angry right now. Honestly, how freaking hard is it to make a decent truck driving sim? 18 Wheels comes close but fails in a lot of ways also. Rig n Roll fails in so many ways but I've been over that already.

Why cannot one of these developers make a good one for once? I'd pay good money for a real good trucking sim. And by sim, I mean sim. I don't want all of the boring crap that most of these games have trying to be a sim or the over-the-top garbage like Rig n Roll. I'd swear that the developers of these games have never driven or even been near a truck before. And from some of the games, it's obvious they have never driven in the US before. Driving a truck is sometimes very challenging. Put those challenges in a game along with a little business simulation on building up a company, some competition doing the same and there you go, a decent trucking sim. We don't need super smart AI for random vehicles in traffic that cut you off, cops that ticket you for sneezing, or to drive on an ice road. Hell, I can even deal with sub par graphics. Just give me something REAL, or as close as I can get to it. I want to pull grades, I want to have to select the right gear before going down a mountain so I don't burn up my brakes or over rev my engine. I want some random mechanical failures, blow outs on a trailer, busted air line with a runaway. I want to pick my loads and be able to hook up the trailer and bump the dock myself. I want drop and hook runs, dedicated runs, specialty flat bed and lowboy runs, you name it. That sort of thing would make for an interesting game. Not this endless BS of driving the same roads with all the time with nothing changing except some weather and kamikaze drivers. Get rid of the stupid CB jargon that no one has used since the '70s, the stupid hillbilly stereotypes, overdone Western accents, the homicidal AI, crazy camera views that bob and weave like a prize fighter, and the pointless gameplay. Give me customizable trucks, a little challenge and variety on the highway, some business competition, decent graphics, solid gameplay and a story to work through or an objective to strive for like buying out all the competition or something and I'd gladly pay $60 for it. Hell I pay that for most console games and it would be a good value to pay that for a trucking game that plays well and makes sense instead of wasting $36 on something like RnR. Actually RnR is a good abbreviation for that since it also means "rest and relaxation" and that's all it's doing on my HDD is resting and relaxing. But seriously, why do these developers continuously put out these half baked games? Probably because we buy them, eh? I understand that this is a niche market, all sims are, and no one wants to spend a lot of time and resources on this sort of thing but if a developer would put some real effort into it, I'm sure it would be a success and probably grow the market a bit which can only lead to more success.
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