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Originally Posted by Ancient Seraph View Post
[*]La Series -- Both: 2 x 20mm ShVAK (C)
The La's are prized for their speed, manouvreability and stability. The La-7 is one of the fastest piston planes in the game, and both the 5 and 7 are easy to fly. They don't stall very fast or violently, can compete with a Spit in turns, and almost can't be outrun. The downside for beginners might be the armament. Although they have pretty big cannons which can make quick work of a plane, the rate of fire is not high, and it's tricky to aim due to the low amount of tracers. Because the La-5 has a smaller engine, it's a bit slower and has more recoil, but due to the reduced weight it does have a slightly higher rate of turn. The La-7's bigger engine makes it faster and it has less recoil, but a slightly lower rate of turn.
Hi seraph,

I'm not totally agree with on the difference between LA5 & LA7.

Indeed the LA7 is clearly faster but the plane has also a faster turn rate. However, Because the LA5 is slower it has a slight smaller turn radius but do not turn as fast as the LA7.

Furthermore, I feel that the LA5 is bit more stable in flight than the LA7, which is easier to get into a stall at low speed. (But I agree that the difference is quite difficult to see)

You could also be a bit more explicit saying that the LA serie is adviced to begin with when you come to realistic or sim mode. Because of the in flight stability.

Of course that's not based on scientific datas just my experience.

Don't know if you agree with those comments
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