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I have worked for THQ, EA, Vivendi and Insomniac Games... and if there is one constant, it's that no matter how many features or long you spend fixing issues in a game, even if it's one of the biggest selling masterpieces ever...

*many things have to been cut to get it shipped
*there will always be bugs
*you will always have man-babies whining about all sorts of sh!t on forums.

Having a separate QA is horrible and can cause all sorts of delays. Most people have absolutely no clue the effort devs put into a title and that just one bug can be the cause of divorces, ending of relationships, friendships, health issues and sad children.

Get a life and enjoy the game you pitiful, pitiful whiners. If not... go make a multi-million dollar selling game and then get back to me about your opinion.

any moron can write what they wish to be done... it's a pro that does it.
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