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Originally Posted by kozzm0 View Post
holy crap l88bastard if we were all filthy stinking rich enough to have a gaming pc and 3 big screens we wouldn't be using ps3's would we.

The whole point of putting a game on console is to try to make it NOT a niche product (such as games for gaming pc's with wraparound screens are)

but to get lots of people to play it

I don't think join-in-progress is needed or that it would even be a wise addition. The last thing a 1 on 1 team battle needs is to suddenly turn into a 2-on-1 battle, or a 3-on-2. Not that it doesn't happen in real life, but it's pretty unfair to the unlucky player who suddenly gets double-teamed.

But it should be possible to join the ROOM when the game is in progress. That's standard. Right now there can be a game in progress and you'd never know it cause quick match says there's none unless the match is waiting to start - which usually takes about a minute, compared to 10 minutes for the actual match.

If they could just stop the matches from self-terminating after every round, and let people join the match lobby and wait for the next round, it would make a world of difference.

what is the url of anton's forums, somebody should mention that the "own money" they spent on the patch will come back to them in the form of sales to people who aren't obligated to buy the game. If the patch fixes the MP then sales would jump probably 500 percent at least.
I agree on the join-in-progress comment, more or less. If there's going to be join-in-progress, more server options should be available I think.
But you can keep the 1v1 battle a 1v1 battle if you just set the player limit to 2 .
I'm quite sure the sales won't jump 500% after the patch. I don't think there's that many people that don't have the game, but are waiting for the patch to buy it .
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