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Originally Posted by Ancient Seraph View Post
I agree on the join-in-progress comment, more or less. If there's going to be join-in-progress, more server options should be available I think.
But you can keep the 1v1 battle a 1v1 battle if you just set the player limit to 2 .
I'm quite sure the sales won't jump 500% after the patch. I don't think there's that many people that don't have the game, but are waiting for the patch to buy it .
yeah that's true about player limit, I guess... but once there's more peeps playing, if you set the limit to 4 hoping for a good match but then have to start the match with just 2, it should stay 1 on 1.

there's not people sitting around thinking "I'm gonna get BOP after it's patched" but there are a lot of people hearing "don't buy BOP cause the MP sucks." Reputation sells a lot of copies.
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