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Realistic combat instead of the centipede-of-death called dogfight mode and the crazy ground-level melee called team battle.

Of course you don't have to instantly sacrifice all speed and altitude, but then someone else will get 10 kills and 15 deaths and win the match against your 3 and 0. Which is the biggest DAMN SHAME of all in BOP.

Sorry but if you get more deaths than kills you LOSE, and if everyone does, then EVERYONE loses.

The way to fix it is simple: a death is -5 points, whether someone gets a kill for it or not.

To fix it even better, the model for plane's climbing ability has to be reworked. In BOP almost all the planes (talking sim mode here) can just pick a crazy angle and keep climbing, climbing climbing on WEP. When that's combined with the near invisibility of enemy planes below you, due to the limits of HD resolution, altitude turns into a disadvantage which is ridiculous. The mc202 and hurricane are about the only planes that climb realistically.

Finally, if the graphics of planes showing up and what they look like can be fixed, the map screen should at most show friendly planes. They didn't have onboard radar. Showing the enemy on the map removes a huge portion of real air combat tactics. What's the use of diving out of the sun when your target already sees a nice red dot in the exact direction.
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