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Co-op campaign & training mode

MUCH more detailed training mode (ie 4 spit IXs & 6 P-51Ds vs 12 Me109Fs & 10 He111s)

Enemies less likely to run into each other or the ground in training mode

Pacific Theater would be cool.

Cockpits for all aircraft. (If really necessary, just recycle the same one over & over for the more exotic aircraft)

A mode that includes external view & icons over enemy planes but has sim mechanics & no lock-on.

Historic MP missions:
(A bomber escort MP mission where the attackers have to shoot down AI controlled bombers while the defenders protect them, etc)

The option to have extra ammo in training/MP (ie 2x, 3x or 5x). That way you don't run dry as fast but people won't just spray all over the sky trying to get hits.

Customizable skins if possible. Otherwise, multiple skins to chose from per aircraft.

An MP mode where every pilot starts off with 3 AI controlled wingmen. Kills against human players would count for more of course.

Co-op MP where all the human players shoot down unending waves of AI fighters. Whoever gets the most kills is the winner.

Joinable MP

Host switching if the host leaves or is causing epic lag.

Option to restrict certain matches to players with low lag only.

All planes can be unlocked in single player or online (two ways for each plane)

More Italian planes (if Italy is included)

Wow. I'd intended to only put a few things on here but I just kept thinking of more. Needless to say I'll be happy if only 1/2 these actually happen. Detailed training mode, cockpits & a sim mode with icons & external view are the most important to me, however.

EDIT: I forgot to list Co-op campaign & training a one of my important ones.
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