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Machine translation from one of the russian forums :

Generally interesting - the main problem of this game, and unfortunately, no path can fix it, thats it done by the same people as the KOTR. They are at age, when they should provide conceptual guidance, producing, but they were sculptured game on their knees, in their spare time, freed from their work as "code monkey` s ". As a result, - for KOTR we can gratitude them, but for R`N`R - we should smash them in the face.
For what little hands clutching a brand, and not let the bread upon the waters, so he returned to them many times over.
They complain that they say they hurried. What is interesting, but who would not hurry after 8 years of a sluggish picking? There was no need to enter into an agreement with publishers, and so, no one would have to hurry them. Anyway, they making it in spare time. Killed by greed shtetl project. Global-minded Jew in the designer was not there. Pity.
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