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Originally Posted by Pete379exhd View Post
The reason I wasn't to impressed by the game is due to the simple fact that it took almost a decade to make.
This phrase right here sums up why everybody's saying so much **** about the game.
People waited for so long, got their hopes so high, that, when the game came out, it didn't meet their expectations.
Whether it's because it's not a real simulator, or because it has bugs, or whatever - point is that people got mad that they waited so long for a game that's not what they hoped for. The only thing that gets me sad is that most people, when that happens, are like "This game is a complete **** up" or "This game is the worst game ever", and don't even bother to play the game for what it is. They're so biased by this, that they don't even consider all the good points it has. I feel sorry for the developers for putting up with this type of people. :/

Me, on the other hand, I am the exact opposite of this. I've waited for the game for so long that I couldn't bear to be dissapointed with it, so I had to overlook all of the bugs and things like that to like the game. And, once you do this, you start to realise how good of a game this is and how much attention to detail there is.

Now, of course, this is my oppinion. You guys are free to dislike the game. I just wished you could find more constructive ways to do that, and, perhaps, even help the developers make a newer, better game, than just flame them.

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