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This Sundays Mission Breif!!!!

This may be hard on frame rates. There are games for up to 19, and up to 22 pilots. It will be flown with 2 squadrons per game, with the 73 and 501 pilots on different comms:


All of the 73 Squadron planes have to be filled up with the remainder filling up 501 Squadron aircraft.


DATE:- 11th May 1940 ZERO:- 14:35 hours
2013 Reims-Champagne (St Quentin)


Gentleman each of the sections has a different patrol path so pay attention!

73 (72) Squadron:

Section 1 (3 pilots) - take off and climb to 10,000ft then patrol between Mons and Hirson then return to base.

Sections 2 and 3 (7 pilots) - take off and climb to 10,000ft then patrol between Valenciennes, Mons and Hirson before returning to base.

501 Squadron (the rest):

Take off and climb to 15,000ft before patrolling your route. Keep a lookout for recon aircraft as several have been seen in the last hour or so.

AIRCRAFT:-Hawker Hurricane MkI 12lbs
SKIN:- Squadron Personal Skins for ALL Hurricanes

OUTBOUND ROUTE:- See the flight plan for your section
INBOUND ROUTE:- See the flight plan for your section

METHOD:- Follow your route as set out above. Engage any enemy aircraft seen unless it would be foolhardy to do so.

INTELLIGENCE:- God knows what's about but I wouldn't be suprised if the Germans control the French airspace right now.

2/10ths cloud at 8000ft extending to 12,000ft.
Wind 120 at 02 knots.
Visibility Good.

No. 1 Squadron call sign - F I L M S T A R
No. 43 Squadron call sign - I M P I
No. 145 Squadron call sign - R A B B I T
No. 601 Squadron call sign - A N G E L
Ground Control call sign 2013 T O P H A T

MISSION POINT AWARD:- 1 Mission Point will be awarded if 50% or more Hurricanes return to their starting base.

Good Luck

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These are the types of missions we fly on sunday evenings(21:00GMT).
The work that goes into these missions,every week is amazing and is greatly appreciated by all members of Tangmere Pilots,i would even go as far to say its often taken for granted,we turn up fly a great mission every week.
Then theres the structured training programme on tuesday evening AND the COOPS on a friday night!!

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