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Originally Posted by Formula88 View Post
Seriously? This is one of the last things anyone should care about in a combat sim; the color of the sunset. Yeah so what, it isnt perfect but wouldnt you rather have working crossfire support and anti-aliasing as opposed to a pretty sunset? I mean come on, bitch about more planes or a better campaign or the sound issues. The ******* sunset coloring?? Get a life dickhead. The lighting is fine until all other issues are ironed out.
You reallky don't get it.

I didn't complained about something that should be done, is not in game, or is broken.

I complain about something that was perfect and it was completely messed up!!!!

It doesn't matter what you think is important and what you think should be fixed first. The thing is that they destroyed one of the few things that were outstandin in the game for no reason.

Is this how the morings look in your area?

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