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Originally Posted by generalidea View Post
that is logical however, I can't bind any analog stick to the "planetary thrusters decrease/orbital thrusters decrease", even if no other action is bound to the stick, tried it on 3 controllers now and on 2 computers.

Sorry, having checked this I'd misremembered how this works with the HOTAS, you can't set "planetary thrusters deceleration/orbital thrusters deceleration" (which I assume is what you meant); you actually set acceleration, but determine negative-positive or vice versa depending on which way you move the slider.

I'm afraid you are trying to do something that isn't meant to be done; the speed control is intended to be assigned to a HOTAS throttle or throttle wheel. It's one linear control scale, not seperate 'faster' and 'slower' buttons. The only way you will be able to do it with a controller is to map the relevant stick direction externally to the keyboard commands.
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