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Ok guys, I figured it out (the whole 2nd bit btw).

First, use pause break and make 1 guy 'nade one MG post in the artillery trench from the bushes, make another guy do the same to the other MG post from the bushes. Make sure that before this is done, you've moved the rest of your force around to behind the artillery guns. Next up, get them to 'nade or shoot the crews of the howitzers. Press pause break again. Orders should be carried out simultaneously. Clear out the rest of the trench.

Phase one complete. Now, get your guys into the trench or the bushes and let the Russian tanks take out the armoured cars. Get one lucky guy with an AT grenade and send him up onto the railway tracks (prone of course). Send him across to the locomotive, taking the longer way if need be to avoid the Germans. Send the man along the right hand side of the train (towards the Russian offensive). Get him to AT grenade the tank wagons (don't worry about getting the locomotive itself; it drives off without the tanks attached. NOTE: It will say that you've failed to stop the train in 15 minutes time. Ignore that. I finished the mission.) If your man survives the explosion, get him to go on a full-on charge; mine died so I never got to do that.

Next, wait until the main battle has died down (hopefully the Russian tanks will have damaged the tanks near the trench. Get two men on to the howitzer furthest on the right. Get one man onto each MG to provide support. Use the howitzer to eliminate any hostile forces that you think are too close to your men.

NOTE: You may or may not have received reinforcements. If you have then even better. Now find a tank nearby that's not utterly destroyed (use the repair command and hover over each tank, Russian or German. If it's beyond hope, there will be no spanner animation. If you can fix it, there will be). You may have to search some of the German tanks for repair kits (none of the Russian ones had any for me.) Repair as many tanks as possible that you can crew (4 or 5 men each). I had 1 German and 1 Russian tank.

By this point, you should have at least 2 men on 2 MGs, 2 tanks with 4-5 men each and your howitzer. Don't forget to take all the shells from the other 2 howitzers because you will probably run out a few times. Eliminate all groups of infantry, tanks or emplaced weapons within the howitzer's range. Now, move your tanks up to a suitable area to continue the shelling. Then, move your MGs up to your new position (remember that 2 men are needed to move an MG; get both MG men to move one at a time). Now move your howitzer; nestle it safely in a good position with all other units surrounding it.

Continue the shelling and repeat until only small (1-3) pockets of infantry are left. Now move your tanks up to eliminate each pocket, preferably from a distance.

That should do the trick!

(Notify me if I have left out important details)

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