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I destroyed the train with 1 (one) man. After taking 3 artillery guns I took 1 soldier and walk right near the borders of the map, avoiding any shooting to the enemy. Than I destroyed the tank near the train with one granade, and than the tank with my second granade. Right after I got the message that I completed this part of the mission, and game autosaved. So I continued with the game, which was very easy, cause AI is extremly stupid in MoW: CH (I played on Normal, which means usually Difficult, but here rather Very Easy). And now the funny thing: After all that, maybe after 5 mins of playing I got the comunicate that I failed to destroy the train (Bug!). The game is unplayable. I stopped to play after the mission when enemy soldiers are undestructible: shooting to them with my soldiers, throwing grenades, shooting with my tank means nothing to them. And restart does not help.
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