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Default That "on the way" missions problem

I really like rnr but there's a problem with on the way missions. That missions that people call me while i drive and i accept them. I took a trailer from the place they told me, had to haul it to Manteca, but when got there didn't knew where go dump it off. In the F3 button was written "Manteca, near the Warehouse", but I circled it and no option to finish the mission appeared.

When I been to the "60 miles" bar I traced a call in the newspaper to take a trailer, I can to where it stands, found it but coudn't attach it to my truck. The option "attach (T)" appeard, but when pressing it nothing happend.

Those issue happens over and over again, and are among the reasons I lose in the game over and over again by bankrupt.

Desert hunter.
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