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Originally Posted by Blackdog_kt View Post
a)I was under the impression that the Steam lobby is just a 3rd party server browser that lists available servers, much like Hypperlobby or Xfire is. Oleg Maddox also said himself that it will be possible to use external server browsers.

b) Finally, there is another precedent/example: it works exactly this way with ArmA2 (both steam and non-steam versions can play on the same server) that's why i believe it can be optional. Since someone has already done it, i don't see why including Steam in the equation suddenly makes the multiplayer functions exclusive to Steam.

c)Steam version: log-in to steam, open the in-game lobby, choose server, join
non-steam version: run 3rd party server browser, select server, click join, game launches and connects

d)As for the DRM, the info from Ubi is just like it is for Steam, ie mandatory and vague with no mention of version: "the game will use Solidshield DRM and require a steam account". It's on the official Ubi page for the game, so unless we hear otherwise you're pretty much as screwed as the non-steamers are
A) It's a 3rd party server borwser yes, but the reason you include Steamworks is for the purpose of having it in place of building your own server, and server browsing software.

B) That's not a precedent as ARMA 2 doesn't use Steamworks. You can buy it through STEAM like many multiplayer games, but unless they specifically use Steamworks they use their own MP platform.

C)If 1C Maddox does make it so you can choose to use another server browsing service that would be pretty neat.

D) That's the only thing about all this that stinks imo. TAGES has proven to be awful so many times, so I am going to hope against hope that some of the conclusions I've come to are correct.
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