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Originally Posted by iregev View Post
1 - I think that the general consensus in this forum is that paladin is the most difficult.
2 - Mage spells can to devistating damage, with 35 or 40 intellect and proper items the firerain will do massive damage even on impossible, there are some intresting posts in this forum about it I think.

3 - in my opinion what makes mage the easiest on the "no kill" games is the fact that you can waltz through the toughest battles with only one stack of vampires/dragons using armageddon. try taking in korador on impossible with a paladin with no losses and it will take allot of turns (In my game I did it on level 26! with a perfect set of sword of light and 2 marshal battons to spice my human army - it lasted more then 40 turns to fully resuurect, and I was defeated badly before level 26) a mage however does it more easily.

i find the pally a lot more easy than a mage

due to higher leadership skills and easy acces to tolerance

makes units combinations a lot easier to handle withhout the morale loss

but anyway

a challenge with only neutral units would be very HARD
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