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Originally Posted by jwallstone View Post
Wow, that sounds great. But the description for Kamikaze clearly says that it's for your own troops: "A bomb is attached to the friendly target...", so I always thought that it could only be cast on your own troops and never tried it out. Is this possibly a bug?

Regardless, it sounds like fun and I'll try it out.
You can put it on friendly units if you want but of course that doesn't work for the strategy noted on the previous page.

A nice way to start against an army with at least 1x stack of non mind immunes is with Hypnosis + Magic Spring in turn 1. Now wait as the AI beats that unit stack to a pulp giving you all your mana back to cast...Kamikaze on the hypnotized stack in turn 2.

It leaves you with alot of opening options in turn 3 and alot of mana. you can detonate the bomb yourself by killing the weakened stack with your own units when Hypnosis wears off. Or the AI might kill it off and detonate the bomb that way but its great way to:

1) kill off a powerful enemy stack without having to do anything. And you get tonnes of rage for it too.
2) prevent most baddies from attacking or moving against your own units for at least 2 turns.
3) deal a metric tonne of damage to all melee units wailing on your puppet through retaliation and the spell Kamikaze.
4) leaves you with enough mana and rage + good unit positioning to cast whatever you want coming into turn 3 with little or no losses, even against armies much stronger than you.

It also sets up an awesome Pain Mirror because we are talking full enemy unit stacks attacking your puppet with total abandon.

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