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Originally Posted by merlim View Post
Sorry about my lack of knowledge regarding KB general stuff...

Im trying to buy new spells but everytime that I try I receive a message telling me that I can´t buy new spells... I´ve been tryin to sell some scrolls (a lot of them) even in such way I can´t buy new spells ... why ??

Thanks in advance !
Each class has a limit on the maximum number of scrolls they can have at any one time. If you are at or above the limit, you will not be allowed to purchase spells. The only ways to get below the limit are to 1) scribe the scrolls into your spellbook (once per spell, uses crystals), 2) use the scrolls in combat, or 3) sell them at a castle.

Hold the cursor over the "Spells" button. You should see two numbers, such as 2/8 or 0/10. The first number is how many scrolls you currently have, the second number is the max number of scrolls you can carry. You can exceed the maximum by finding scrolls as treasure, but not through buying.
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