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Exclamation How to reassign some functions for Logitech Momo racing wheel

Due to some technical features of Logitech Momo wheels (and possibly other wheels as well, when they expose similar issues) you should follow these steps to reassign the functions related to wheel axes:

1) Enter the controls setup screen;
2) Choose the function you wish to reassign;
3) Press a pedal you wish or turn the wheel to the required side till full stop;
4) Hit 'Enter' to confirm the reassignment. In this case the game will not ask you, which button you wish to reassign and will assign a current wheel axis at once.

You can assign the wheel axes only to the following functions: acceleration, braking, turning right/left, clutch.
Unfortunately in case with Logitech Momo or any other wheels exposing similar problems it is impossible to assign these functions to the wheel buttons.

Also you can make some functions of wheels work, which presets are not available in the game.

You can choose any other preset manually and reassign the non-working functions in it.
NOTE! When you switch to any other preset, all saved settings will be discarded to default ones.
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