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Well yes, you could say so but, depends on game. What I mean is like... Compare to M&B or TW camera. For example M&B Warband: When you have died, you can look around with the camera as "Ghost" (Comming to the point now). When you do that, you can basically do any movement with camera, including Strafing in 2 directions simultaneously, which means, you strafe oblique (Think it's called so). So instead of for example first strafing down, and then rigth/left, you strafe down + right/left at the same time, so it goes oblique down (Or up ofcourse, if you're strafing that way). So that would mean you can quickly and easily get to the point of the map where you want to have the camera, and still facing the enemy (Having the camera towards the enemy so you see from your armys perspective).
It's a bit hard to explain but, I hope you understood.

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