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Originally Posted by ThisIsRealWarfare View Post
Another thing that annoys me, is that there is barely any sound. I've checked the very nice soundtracks you've made, and there are plenty of them. But well playing, I dont hear any. I get as most about 1 soundtrack / battle (and they just last for about a minute)... I cant understand why.
I have very similar issue too. My sound card is old (Sound Blaster Live 5.1 from 2002) and it has problems with playing mono sound effects (soldiers marching, fighting, etc.). It's strange because sounds in all other games are ok and when I play all those sounds in Winamp I can hear them nice and clear. Due to the old age of my card it's hard to blame the devs.
The effect of this issue is that all sounds stop playing at all after a short time of a battle. I've found two semi solutions. 1st - disabling effects sounds in options. That cuts the effects sounds but all other are audible. 2nd - converting all mono sounds to stereo ones. Disadvantage of this solution is that you stop to hear if a sound come from left or right side.

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