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Default Awful performance

I love the idea, but my performance is pathetic...

Win7 64bit
AMD Hexacore processor @ 3.7Ghz each core contant
16 gig Dominator ram
Radeon 6990 4gb GPU
Game is installed on a SSD drive
Creative Fatality sound card

I have the latest drivers installed, and the latest game version installed through STEAM. I get about 10 FPS in large battles. Im using a low resolution, and have things like shadows disabled, the frame ahead trick, etc. Nothing helps.

My card has TWO GPUS, yet according to MSI afterburner, only ONE is being utilized, and the one that is being utilized, is NOT at 100%. Ive tried forcing crossfire profiles through Radeon PRO, doing every trick in the book, yet nothing.

For what it's worth, I can demolish Shogun 2 maxed out, and any other game thrown at me flawlessly.

Are the devs aware of similar issues, and is a patch coming?

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