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Hi guys! I like medieval, those canons and pistols are not honorable for me Though right now archery reminds me now effectiveness of early gun powder, pointless at long range, instant kill at close
I havent seen yet suggestion to be able to improve an armor of units, kind of how TW Medieval 2 had - peasants - irregulars could have ring armor for example, at least some leather or clothing better though I don't like plate for that period to have for best units. Perhaps at least + 1 armor value for every units could be upgradable. What you think? I like Real warfare 2, especially tactic value which has been lost in TW, also I like that paper-scissor-rock formula is not that much strong as most of rts of today have. Only one big problem I have now is stability, too often "error message". I hope next patch will help with that.
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