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I haven't been criticizing mechanic, I understand it, I like it that unlike TW series where player could have had an entire army consisting from epic units unlike it was in history rw gives us "reality", I was just suggesting what I would like to see to have ability somehow to extend survivability of units, if not armor then for example "advanced training" giving them some bonus for defence. I would like to have even irregulars to survive bigger battles, as a reason I understand that experience was usually better skill than better gear. Right now my hero is lvl 16 I guess and he can have 10 irregular units but only one knight, so I would like to have those irregulars to be able to survive those armies which I am fighting where I do not see any irregulars, usually sergeant and elite class. That is all for me to explain why I was thinking about that. If I cant have most of my army same lvl than at least I would like to have something else to counter that (besides tactic) (and mangolel especially )
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