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Originally Posted by mitra View Post
This is part of balance; if irregulars was resistent to arrows like more expensive infantry this will be a unbalance the game, of course you mean let me purchase the armour as upgrade, but at this point is not better take directly the militia swordmen? I did frequently armies like you describe powerful cavalry and mass of irregulars infantry. Usually the best tactics is (assuming you has the cavalry superiority) use your infantry as target (set it in open mode) and hit his arrows with your arrows. At the end it will be forced to make a choice between it infantry or your arrows. At the end your infantry is so big in number that he cannot make too hard damage if your shooters press his ones.

I can assure you a big mass of irregulars on three lines in compact formation with a general in the middle is very hard to defeat if you has not a strong superiority in shooters.
The cavalry part, it's a bit difficult. Depending on enemy army, they have a great superiority with Horse archers. I really think they hit way too much, I mean horse archers can barely miss. Neither Crossbows nor archers would in most situations get time enough to destroy enemy horse archers. For example, the mongol forces does only consist of cavalry. Half of that cavalry is usually melee, half horse archery. My army is for now consisting of some knights (mounted), many pikemen, many good Xbows, and really good infantry overall. However, I cant beat any mongolian force...

The thing is that, when they charge my infantry, I only have once choice; putting them in circle formation (Schiltron). When doing that, they can easily defend themselves against the enemy melee cavalry, but with about 750 horse archers (In an average mongol army) behind them, they bombard my formations and kill them within a matter of minutes. If charging with my cavalry to chase away those horse archers, my cavalry simply dies. My archery cant hit half as much as the enemy horse archers, and they reload way slower. There is basically no chance of defeating a mongolian army unless you have tons of archers and pikemen, plus a very good position (preferably a hill)
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