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Originally Posted by WhiteMage View Post
This game appears to be great, but a suspected major deficiency:
1. Is there a way to estimate castle defenders?
2. Is there a way to estimate item keepers' strength?

These are major leaps of faith, which do not fit my personal style of playing, where defeat is a defeat and reload due to failure is not in my personal honor code. I simply lose interest playing on.

Ps. The original King’s Bounty had a feature to estimate castle defenders, which was the main point of the whole game in capturing villains. In this game getting quests to attack castle defenders when my hero is level 4 and still losing when my hero is level 14 due to unknown castle defenders is very disappointing.
I already searched 2 hours on Google and in this forum, but I gave up, so I ask here now.
I suspect that the answers are no (or something close to that), but please confirm or enlighten me. Thanks.
Laugh, I pretty much play every game like this now...Too bad losing a fight in this isn't game over, but a trip back to the castle.

Every game for me so far is in Ironman mode and I just restarted again playing the Paladin. Got as far as Lvl 5 or so with a mage on Impossible and didn't want to rely solely on Gift and Inquisitors even though I didn't die yet. Trying to do a no casualty game for my first play through. The key point seems to be picking your fights so far.

Usually, get impatient and sloppy though.

Will have to check these castles out when my time comes. Lvl 3 now and mostly just wandering picking stuff up right now and saving runes for EXP boost.
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