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Thanks for your quick reply. In your post you admitted that the game has exploits. One is too many, and there are more than one. In my view that is a weakness, which makes the game nearly impossible to enjoy for me. That’s why I made a post before and now. I am looking for a good strategy or tactical game and this one is just so close to be a good one, but not quite there.
Without an attempt to address each of your points I give a short response.
a. This game needs more patch or mod – badly.
b. Enemy marauders have speed 2 and is easy to stay away from them. I leave my illusion marauders in their 2 cell range and I do not retaliate. My other units stay away.
c. Regarding inquisitors, I leave a bunch alive so I get at least 1 experience for my dragon even for a wall. Since I have illusion inquisitors I can resurrect my units in case they die. Spells help too.
d. Regarding 4 out of 10 medals, how about grand strategy, battle academy, trapper, guardian angel, blind rage, and holy warrior? This is 6. My reported exploits should help each of these more or less.
e. I use wall because it has a low spend rage return rage ratio: I spend 6 and gain 2 by destroying it and it does not damage my enemy, so it is renewable.
f. Infinite mana is useful against long kept alive enemy inquisitors, for example.
I made my posts for 1 reason only: to ask for advice where to look for an exploit free game. Not to complain, start a debate, or to become some sort of hero in the community. A byproduct of my previous post came out as a recommendation for those players who are similar to me and like to play hard games and like challenge (I know that there are some). Since this game is not such a game, it becomes necessary to create self-made rules, to make some challenge. The other option is to move on to the next game and thereby support the game development industry in creating more so-so games, which you pay for and play once then forget about it, and go ahead to buy the next so-so game on the market. That is the end of story from my end. Thanks for your answers, but again, I am looking for a better game and that’s all. I am not interested in dragging this discussion out.

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