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@WhiteMage I`m not bitching about your posts, and exploits just stating facts. But if you dont like this game because bugs/errors/exploits name one game that is free of those things!!! Every game ever made was programed by man, and by definition not perfect and prone to finding loop holes by players (like you and many others that wants most for their money and i agree with that). But simple truth is this is game and it`s use is to spend some time on it for fun, not to break your brain finding problems.
a) b) c) Marauders/inquisitors exploit questions stays why would you do it? For more gold that you have nothing to buy with, or little pet dragon exp which you can get by 1 use of dragon dive in next battle,instead spending 50 turns against 1 stack of low lvl enemy units that you left alive for purpose of geting 1 exp per turn making pet wall
d) Your exploit is connected to getting gold/pet exp/mana in battle already won but prolonged for sole purpose of those things. How did you connect grand strategist with your exploits ? Or battle alchemy, you mentioned leaving marauders/inquisitors alive how do you poison/burn them for lvling up alchemy medal and leave them alive for 1 exp/turn for your pet dragon ??? Rest of medals you listed i already said are 4/10 you can lvlup by your exploits and that`s it. Other 6 medals are in NO way connected to battle length/rage used/spells cast whatsoever.

Not wanting to prolong this discussion ,after starting it ? You stated some problems in your view, now try to give some ideas how to fix some of those things. In other treads i stated some of my ideas/solutions and i think i helped other making their own mods ( att/def bonus similar to int stats bonus every 7 high dmg/every 15 longer spell duration, changing hp% in red sands mod, unit lvls in red sands mod . . . ). Giving yourself challenge/limitation in plays is 1 way to fix this exploits, but try to figure some permanent way for it. But what about solo black knight stack with shard of darkness build, or 100% crit archer army build, or astral resistance and sacrifice spell, or many other ideas players got in this game are those also exploits or simply ways to go through this game. So your statement this game needs patch, check this tread
Matt there made mod that limits all your exploits simply making mana/rage inflow 0 after 20 turn (no matter how much dmg you make no rage gain, and no matter what item/skill you have 0/turn mana after 20 turns pass). There problem solved, send him PM and see if you can figure out how to transfer this to AP/CW and enjoy it without problems that bug you.

@Dennis8888 I Agree with all you said

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