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Originally Posted by ChrisG View Post
Nice! That's a good amount of knights/sergeants.

Do you have the more than 20 units mod of mitra?
And can you tell me the other units in your army and how many?
I'm asking just by curiosity.
I have the 1.4 mod (by Mitra) (It doesn't affect the number of units on the battlefield though, but I can tell you - it's really good!)

However, since I largely disbanded some troops, I do now have 4 pikes (militia class), 3 knights, 5 sergeants, 2 Siege weapons (I disbanded all old given by quests, though, unfortunately I can now only field 2 siege weapons and I don't understand why there's such a low maximum number). Moreover, I have 2 archers militia class, and 3 Crossbows.. Plus some militia cav and so. The cap for militia at level 23 is 9. Though you can much more irregulars (If not mistaking, I think it was 1.
So basically it's 3-5-9-18 on the different caps (Lowest number for knights, highest for irregulars).
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