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Originally Posted by Darthvegeta800 View Post
Question from a newbie... yet again. How many horses are needed to upgrade a unit? 1 for every 10 men? Or does it work differently?
Well in fact, in order to buy for example knights, you need 20 respectively 30 horses. Why a difference? Well, it depends on how you buy them. (Buy as in upgrading a unit to it). If you upgrade via for example sword unit to sergeant to foot knight, it would require 20 horses. If you upgrade from irregular horse to sergeant class horse and then knight, it'd require 30 horses. I'm not quite sure why, but since the mounted sergeant is a larger troop (than mounted knights) I suppose it counts it as it then would require a larger amount of horses for the next upgrade.

So basically it's 20 respectively 30 horses required in order to upgrade to a knight. Recommended: upgrade via sword infantry to the knight - it will NOT take longer time or anything, instead, you can most likely do all the upgrades in one step without for example playing more battles for the units experience and so.

Last thing to mention; Knights are very expensive to replenish (Ca 200 per lost man which makes the total cost standing at around 8000 money if it's down on 1-2 men).

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