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Originally Posted by trentjaspar View Post
I have a feeling that going everywhere will require lots of failed troop evasion and reloading which I'm not sure I'm up for; I don't seem to be very good at it. It also seems like there are certain "guards" that by design are meant to keep you away from areas (e.g., Darion circus tent), even if they can be defeated by clever/agile players.


I could be wrong-- maybe the developers intended it, but perhaps it's not my play-style...?
Let me at least partially correct myself-- much to my surprise, getting to Hadar via the mines is a straight shot with no fights and no troop evasion! I didn't scope it out a whole lot, but it's now tempting to go get Lina charged up as early as possible. Further, there are 105 Griffons ready to be recruited there just inside Hadar...
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