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That`s only part of it my friend
To get to elf islands you have to finish quest for dwarf king, but this doesn`t limit you.
Spoiler :
From Creiston mines mines you can go to Uper Hadar, then run through it to Lower Hadar, run to Hadar mines and past dwarf prince castle Bogacho i think to Underground sea. If you manage to run by guards there to Demonis entrance scouting demon lands should be easy, and there almost always are some great unit picks, after that returning to Hadar and have fun with brand new dragon army/or whatever you find in demon lands My advice if you do this
1) dont go before 15 lvl so you can get at least decent amount of leadership to buy units and have enough gold for them in first place (leading 1 marauder units in battles to dig through corpses is great way to do this with gift spell if you find it, or investing runes in trophy skill).
2) in demonis there is couple quests finishable without fighting, with high rewards for lvlup. Take quest for dragons in Ultrax accesable through portal behind guy who gives you quest, but dont go through (once you enter you have to finish 3 hard battles or fail quest for lots of exp) it before you finish tournament in Darion castle reward there is very useful for dragon fights. This is reason i say dont go there early 25lvl at least
3) after you manage to free dwarf prince, you will get death rage spirit and get quest for elf islands. There also are some quests to get exp without fighting. Also portals to undead lands are almost free to enter and roam around for couple more free quests and lots of treasure lying around.

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