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Exclamation Only in my mod

This is right - only in my mod do you have variable leadership / attribute / mana / rage increases - the range is based on your class / level.

This is one of the "flavorings" I added to the game to make level up choices more interesting, since after a certain point, in the stock game it was advised to always take leadership when given the choice. Now, though, you'll have more strategic selections in your level up choices throughout the entire game and leadership is no longer always the best choice for your character.

By the way, there are at least two random functions: Game.Random and Game.CurLocRand. The first one is used for most probability stuff and is what is the same for repeating battles, etc. The second one is used when you want the randomness to be tied to your map location and it seems like I see more AP / CW LUA functions using CurLocRand as opposed to just Random. For example the Adventurer Spells use CurLocRand, that's why you can get a different unit based on where you are.

In my mod, the reason why you see different level up choices based on where you are is because you are fighting a different battle and thus changing the seed for Random in some way.

Hope that explains some of the confusion...

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