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Hi, I'm not sure if you guys are still receiving suggestions, but here's some of my recommendations with the game, mostly with the GUI.

Inventory management:
- Make it possible to expland the base's inventory view. The ship's inventory can be expanded to better sort through items, how come bases' inventory cannot ?
- Create a few Tabs on ship inventory screen (Standard equipment, Artifacts and Micromodules, Misc Items, etc) so it is easier to manage items.
- Make it possible to "Quick move" items from base to ship and vice versa. Like Shift + Lclick or something.
- Add more slot for ship configurations ("Furnishing" in the English version). This feature is extremely useful, but 3 slots is a little lacking. Maybe 5 (Flying, Trading, Space fight 1, Space fight 2, Black hole fight) ? (This one is not terribly important though)

Quest management
- Can you move the "Quest info", "Properties not on ship" and notes to the Log book? I feel the log book is very underused and it would be more logical to have a proper log book to keep things organized than a bunch of post-it notes at the bottom of the screen. A standard RPG Quest book is perfectly fitting here. You can have various tabs for Quest, Planet info, News tidbits and Properties not on ship. The original notes at the screen bottom will only display the most essential items, i.e quest deadline
- A tiny sidenote on quest, can you also add "Quest destination" to the quest detail?

I hope some of this suggestion can be considered and will improve what is already a great game.
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