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Default Journal Vrs Info-Bar

Originally Posted by shibata33 View Post
I feel the log book is very underused and it would be more logical to have a proper log book to keep things organized than a bunch of post-it notes at the bottom of the screen.
I wanted to add a counter input that while I agree there needs to be a real auto updated log book, the current system of information pins on the bottom, and the "note pad" styled manual input to the F1 log book should not be removed.

I personally like the info pins at the bottom of the screen. No need to click, enter and read a log book, for me, the quick pop up of information on a mouse-over is perfect. This includes all the items you can copy to the info bar by clicking the "i" in most text windows. (even then including your own F1 notes if desired!)

However, even I agree that quest info pins should not have the entire text to the mission, but only the basics of "who" wants you to do "what" "where" and by "when". This includes the handy time left day countdown at the top.

Bottom line: Do both. Add an official journal and use info pins. There should be a settings option allowing the selection of the default to either be to Auto post information in a journal, or the info bar, or "ask me every time."
Even better also, for thoes that find the info bar cluttery, an option to hide or disable it could be added as well.

Extra Note: That just made me think, a "Hide HUD" option would be good, since the backgrounds, ships, planets, stars and etc are so nice to look at...especially in the HD version!

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