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Yeah, your right, no kidding!

You can be the biggest meanest fighters in all the galaxy and pirates will still talk like there all tuff.

Or you can be the most deadly Pirate and merchants just treat you like your no big deal.

Rep should have benefits and drawbacks, such as...
Best fighter rep? Bonus - Pirates with lower rep than you dont bug you.
Drawback - Some fighters want to take you down to improve thier rep, and Pirate bases put a hit out on you.

Pirates: Bonus- People you threaten say "Oh no! Not the dread pirate Roberts!" and give you what you want.
Drawback - Lots of mercenary rangers are getting paid to try and take you down.

Traders: Bonus - Lots of ships contact you wanting to trade, or asking to pay for trade info.
Drawback - Since you always have goods and wealth commin out your years every pirate wants a piece of you.
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