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I love those RTS-missions or Planetary Battles, some are really difficult, most are quite easy. Some points are from my point of view obligatory for all, others depend on your strategy. Of course this is, what I do, others can of course play totally different. For the most time I win doing what is described below, still you'll find that you can't stick with these 24/7, some situations require you to ignore some of them. Can't give too much details now, is heavily dependent on the situation you are in.

I NEVER build any robot except for 2 versions. Both feature Fullstack-hull and Antigravs-Chassis, as those are superior to every other type. I'd say, not taking these is not a choice.
The first one features 4 Rocket Launchers, a Mortar and the Module Dynamo, accelerating firing. (Rocketbots)
The second one features 4 repairers and a blocker, NO mortar. This is important, as those guys would attack enemies instead of reparing friends. (Repairbots)
These are the two versions I build. As for how to use them, is also clear: Until you own 3/4 or such a number of the map and can just set your bots on Conquer-Mode and win the game, NEVER let the bots attack themselves. Otherwise you will lose too many of them. Only defend with them, attack using a bot in Manual-Control-mode.

The most important rule for me is: Winning without defending is impossible.
The bots will just overrun you, if you don't defend properly. Thank god the AI will most of the time attack every smaller factory they come to, and try to conquer it. Thus most of the time it's enough to properly defend the most forward smaller factory, of course on every side. For the defending I normally do the following: I'll always place stationary Rocket Launchers on the small factories. Exception here is, you don't have enough resources, then the big turret is also good. Still not the option I do much.
Now I place two Rocketbots in such a way beside the Rocket Launcher that they build a kind of "wall" in front of the factory. Important: Rightclick on the exact point, they should go to, and press the "Stop"-Button in the bottom right corner. This will prevent them from moving when the enemies come. This is important because I now place to repairbots behind this line of two Rocketbots and the Rocket Launcher. Also setting them on stop prevents them from running away. The AI will always attack the Rocketbots and the Rocket Launcher, the Repairbots will repair them. Most of the time no single loss should occur to your bots. This grants huge kill-ratios
Another thing is important of this rule: NEVER use your defending robots to attack (unless you will win the game by overkilling the AI). If you need 8 robots to defend, you need 8 robots to defend. I'll only use the remaining bots to attack, if there are any. Also always with manual control.
If you only have 8 robots as a limit, you need to get one of the robots of the defending. Of course always take one on the side you want to attack on. This guarantees you safety on both sides, as player-controlled robots are much stronger than the AI-controlled bots. It's no problem to take out 10 enemy bots alone at the same time. Just don't let them hit you

Yup, so this is my description of the Planetary Battles. Quite huge, and I think, difficult to understand. But nontheless, here it is xD
If you want, I could do a Let's show Planetary Battles, also explaining what I do, while I do it. Choose the map, and wait 2 weeks ^^
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