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I always try to first get nice level of Higher magic (at lest one level) and based on what spells I get (is quite randomized) at least one school of magic to 3rd level (sometimes it does more depend on what other RUNES I have... )

All this time (see above) I just write to spellbook/ upgrade the MOST needed spells - I try to keep theirs number to minimum (like only 8 spells in spellbook, 3 or 4 maxed - mostly maxed means second level only )

Than when I have at least one level of Higher magic (as the second level costs 5 magic runes less I can afford it too) I start investing to Alchemy - but I max it right away - :

First now when Alchemy is maxed - I start to really dig in and analyze my actual and possible future battle strategies (luckily I do not need to mess with adventure spells - there are none like that in KB ) I always bear in mind that I MAY come accross cooler spells - I alway pray for armageddon in dwarven mines... nearly never I get it ) so I always keep at least 35 magic crystals around...

Always explore all dungeons - you never now how many crystals you can find there - even if you don't fight with too strong enemies.

Basic math - you can upgrade double so many spells - even max them - normally on Impossible without Alchemy - gosh - you would have to do HARD THINKING to get across good spell book
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