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Originally Posted by lauvhk View Post
I believe the Frenzy skill is especially invaluable to those pursuing single stack strategy.


Not that it makes much sense, but do you still get the bonus if you kill friendly stacks like Thorns or Undead raised by Necromancer/Necro Call?
You probably wanted to spell it " especially valuable"... as I used single stack strategy - vamps + gloth's armor + armie (understand : my familiar call of aramageddon) and as armageddon weakened all enemy stacks but did not kill them - my vamps just "harvested" them - where frezny was my main motivator to go for the weakest first (normally in HOMM I went first for the strongest what a change in my strategy only due one skill... great job devs), so my vamps harvested not only all blood, but also all ATT frenzy bonuses

I actually hurt my own stacks when they gone frenzy (ghosts) but well... I never killed hand-to-hand or with direct range attack my own stack so actually I totally don't know... but good question!
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