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Originally Posted by Gatts View Post
You probably wanted to spell it " especially valuable"... as I used single stack strategy - vamps + gloth's armor + armie (understand : my familiar call of aramageddon) and as armageddon weakened all enemy stacks but did not kill them - my vamps just "harvested" them - where frezny was my main motivator to go for the weakest first (normally in HOMM I went first for the strongest what a change in my strategy only due one skill... great job devs), so my vamps harvested not only all blood, but also all ATT frenzy bonuses

I actually hurt my own stacks when they gone frenzy (ghosts) but well... I never killed hand-to-hand or with direct range attack my own stack so actually I totally don't know... but good question!
His use is actually fine. Valuable and invaluable pretty much means the same thing (like "flammable" and "inflammable.")
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