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Default Opening moves?


Is there such a thing out there floating around like an "Opening Moves" walkthrough? This looks like a fun game, but a bit more direction in the first year or 3 would be nice. Something like:

A) Do the tutorial
B) Find a trade route for 6 months to earn money
C) Take this mission
D) Take that mission
E) Visit Ranger Station and let them upgrade your ship
E) Save up minimum of 10k
F) Re-Equip ship
G) Start Exploring Further out

It would be really helpful if there were some kind of Document in this manner to help "flesh out" the early game for the new player. There are so many (and thankfully so) nuances to this game at first look, that I know there's a LOT us new players are missing at first. Hopefully there is something like this out there.

Looks like this game has much promise -- Cheers to the designers and players!
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