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Well i don't really like it but i tink that in space rangers you HAVE to use the cheat points (very good idea to add them!).I do that inspite of i hate cheaters but if you don't use some small cheats like 10k gold(belive me that is enough only to get fuel and repeir in about 8 years after beggining the game) you are never going to finish the game unless you are a pro !Sometime your money just go down and down and you can't buy equipment and the biggest trouble - you don't have enought money to repeir your hull full your tank or repeir the items !You can't even get some stuped mission no matter how dum it is cause you are low hull no fuel and outside waits 1 or 2 pirаtе who hate you so much that even if they attack someone they stop and go for you!If you don't want to start over you have yo use a tiny cheat!But not always whne you can or you will ruin the fun of the game!But honestly you must tink about some things like weight of the items!Money is always a problem so you have to but heavier items and one time it happened that if i want a good quality ship ( i meen radar droid scaner and stuff) there was no space for wepons .So i suggest 3 options.1)make things a bit less expensive.2)make even the heaviest things weight less.3)make the hulls bigger!I tink option 3) is the best for us gamers cause if you happen to save money then you can actualy use the hook to get something aboard over 20tons

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